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F920-4 Mult Stem AD 10.2013

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FORTEC Tree Processors, Manufactured in Canada, FORTEC Tree Processors are possibly the Toughest Timber Tool available today with 25000 Plus hours of service life.

The FORTEC Control Head Timber Processor originally developed, designed, and built for large Hardwood Log processing, is now capable of Multi Species Log Management with the innovation of a full Computer Control System. FORTEC Models include the 920-2 two wheel drive, the 920-4 four wheel drive, and the 930 Big Wood two wheel drive. The FORTEC Model 920-4 surrounds the load on all 4 sides for positive grip improving multi stem timber processing for optimum productivity and log quality in small stem harvesting.
ALL Species,

ALL Lengths,

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FORTEC Timber Processors have LOG LOADING capability !